The story of one night on earth that changed everything we know about the universe.

Directed by: Chad Archibald, Matt Wiele
Stars: Julian Richings, Lisa Houle, Adam Seybold
Country: Canada
Language: English
Runtime: 87 min.

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On the surface Ejecta is a twisting tale of sci-fi horror involving shadowy figures, terrestrial or otherwise; but Burgess, never one to spoon feed you answers, slides in the subtext in an almost inconspicuous manner, compelling the viewer to truly think about what they just watched.

They keep delivering the goods and Ejecta is as strange, perverse, thoughtful, scary and darkly funny as their best work has proven to be.
Greg Klymkiw | The film corner

It has a definite ’80s vibe to it, imagine Close Encounters but nothing heartwarming about it, and winds up being an overall enjoyable, high production sci-fi flick.
Ryan Larson | Shock Till You Drop